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READY TO ROLL, April 19, 2001!!!
The underside of a shiny new NB!
Nice and shiny brake parts.
Brand new TSW wheels were added the first weekend of ownership.
Pedal covers and footrest from the Audi TT were added.
Sweetie's first show, with PIP roof rack, in Auburn Hills
In October /02 I found somebody selling their fabulous sport seats from a special edition Snap Orange New Beetle!
In May /03, I painted and installed these neat eyelids.
These side skirts were also added in Spring /03.
Audi TT dash vents were installed in June /04.
A Speedster wiper cowling was installed in June /04.
Caractere rear valance was added in August /04 to compliment the Projektzwo 18" wheels/tires. Looks HOT with the lowered shock/spring combination, and handles better too! Smaller performance muffler and pipe was added in May. 08 to make the center tip functional and give her a sweet growl.
What can be better than one New Beetle except 2 New Beetles? Purchased in November 2004 is this 2002 Red Turbo S. These were never sold in Canada, so I imported one to be used for work.  Note the different front and rear aprons.  These are stock on the Turbo S, along with a 6-speed manual tranny, sport suspension, black interior with aluminum trim pieces, leather sport seats, and a 180-hp turbocharged gas engine.
Started working for Nerds On Site... they use red New Beetles (Nerdmobiles)! How cool is that? (Jan. 05) .(Car was sold to a new Nerd in Oct. 05 when I left Nerds On Site.
I organized the Nerds to meet at a drive-in theatre for Canada Day; we made quite an impression.
I bought a smashed Blue Concept NB and swapped out the interior. Looks better with the blue seats instead of orange. Note the black panels instead of grey, and the blue leather panel inserts. That object in the passenger seat is a very rare overnight bag with wheels and handle; not many were made!
Sweetie gets rust paint on her, and many people in Roswell are fooled, even though some of the plastic fenders and bumpers are painted!
Sweetie collected bumper stickers along the Route 66 caravan to Roswell in 2007. Note the different tail lights.
Neat shot with desert cactus bushes in the NM desert. Note the flames around the signal light.
An old piece of Route 66 in Illinois runs right beside the newer road.
Whoops! Fun in the desert!!
Some asshole smashes Sweetie's window and grabs my GPS and laptop!
I finally hooked up the "dummy" exhaust tip to a sport muffler (May '08). Sweetie has a sweet sound now and 30 pounds less of muffler!