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Here are pictures of my first New Beetle, Peanut!  I was lucky enough to pick the car up right from the railyards just north of Toronto (June/98), and drive it back to the dealership in the West end of Toronto!
An after shot showing some custom accessories added... leather seats, aftermarket sunroof, nicer alloy wheels, Perfect Fit bra, trailer hitch, rear foglight, stoneguards on front lights...
An early modification was the Webasto power sunroof. Its poor fit to the roofline was a main reason I ordered a new 2001 NB!
A useful modification was this temperature guage which mounted on a stand with the bud vase.
Another neat addition was this leather seat kit by Classic Soft Trim. They even embroidered the NB logo for a nice touch! With the tan interior, and black seating, it reminded me of the inside of a peanut, hence the name!
To match the leather interior, a leather steering wheel cover and shift lever boot were added. Another classy touch is the billet aluminum bud vase.
To haul the Bubblecars, a Draw Tite trailer hitch was added... it's a nice neat package. (Note the NB logo on the hitch cover.) For additional safety, a rear foglight was added, and a proper European headlight switch. It's come in handy in a couple snowstorms and in heavy fog.
Peanut gets his first (and last) booboo!! :( The day before he is to be traded in on the new Bright Blue, with over 114,000 km and being kept in perfect shape, somebody wallops his driver's door by backing into it! Fortunately, the person left her name.
Poor New Beetles! There are some great parts though, wherever this is.
Some of the many New Beetles in Auburn Hills 2001 when they allowed us to participate. One of Peanut’s first shows.
The Mexican NB from one of VW's TV ads.
This clay model of the NB was on display in the VW museum in Auburn Hills. It was later cut up and sold for a $5 donation at a vintage VW show in Michigan in May /03.
Try not to get pulled over by this neat NB!! Or, maybe you want to just to get a closer look.
Close up of light bar, and my plush toy (released by the Toronto Police).
On our way to Roswell, NM in 2000, we stopped at the Cadillac Ranch, Amarillo, TX. Peanut is the first car.  No cars were ever allowed to drive into the Ranch before us, and none have been allowed since.  The owner was thrilled about our caravan and granted special permission!