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For her 8th Anniversary (April 19, 09), Sweetie gets new LED tail and brake lights.
The rears at nite...
Sweetie also gets a Xenon projector headlight conversion with ballasts in April '09. Note the white light and sharp beam cutoff.
You know you’re a New Beetle Nut when after a quarter of a million Km (255,000) and 9 years of ownership, I'm still customizing... front and rear drilled/slotted brake rotors with ceramic pads were added April '10, along with a working (ProParts) A-pillar gauge pod with Revo water temp and oil pressure gauges (Glow Shift oil filter sandwich adapter and 24 Draft Design water temp collar)!
Since installing the gauges, and noticing that the temperature was lower after losing the front license plate (which covered the grille all these years!), I installed a Plate Mate license plate holder.
Something special for Sweetie's 10th Birthday!!
Flames with alien and hands.
Revealed at Roswell 2011.
Do you see the Alien hands??
Sweetie turns 300,000 km (180.000 miles) end of April 2012, eleven years young!
Well, after 330,000 km, I figured I should put in a different 5th gear (.622) so she would run quieter on the highway, and use less fuel. Don't ask me why I didn't do it 300,000 km ago! I was kinda considering swapping for a 6-speed tranny, but this will do. I'm running 1000 rpm less on the highway now (March 2013).
In the winter of 2013...
"Sweetie" Nectar, from Israel. They even named a juice after her!
Happy 15th!
Sweetie gets some “bling” for her 15th Birthday, April 2016.
Spoiler tarnish.
Before and after (right).  Sweetie’s spoiler gets carbon fiber tape to cover the tarnish.
She gets a vintage surfboard to go with the retro roof rack, and old Coke cooler and luggage.
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