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In addition to collecting New Beetle toys and goodies, I also have collected a number of other toys in the last while. Be careful, it's contagious! Below are pictures of other off-topic toys. ENJOY!! From Franklin Mint is this highly-detailed Divco milk truck and milk crates. I always loved the shape of these trucks, especially the "face".
This model came out about 28 years ago, by DeHane. The toy, in 1:55 scale, is of a Labatt's Streamliner, and was made in 1986 for Expo '86 in Vancouver. Beer advertising was prohibited in Canada and the Labatts Company needed public attention.Through the White Motor Company, Labatt's commissioned Alexis de Sakhnoffsky to conceive a tractor-trailer that would both haul huge loads and serve as a travelling billboard. He designed four Streamliners, each one better than the last. The l947 Streamliner's curved corners and horizontal lines were impressive. The vehicles moved beer across Ontario until l955, when Labatt's sold off its Streamliner fleet and brought an end to an era. One of the trucks has been painstakingly restored about 13 years ago, and occasionally shows up at car shows. I love the art deco styling. This very rare model is approximately 8 inches long.
This model of the Labatt's Streamliner beer truck was issued in 2002 by a local company (DMP Studios) in Burlington, Ontario; only 1,400 made. Model is about 12 inches long and is detailed better than the DeHane. These quickly sold out, and are also very collectible, as is the DeHane model.  
I always thought that the original VW Microbus was a neat vehicle. Franklin Mint made this multi- window, highly-detailed version.
Lisa Glander from our caravan to Roswell every year; such an inspiration!
In August '08, in north Toronto, a propane yard explodes, emptying a neighbourhood and closing North America's busiest highway, the 401, around the area. You will probably never see this highway this empty again (taken from the traffic cameras).
No cars on HWY. 401 No cars on Hwy. 401 in Toronto


What’s about as good as owning a NB coupe but owning the convertible model!  Purchased a Dark Flint edition... only 250 of this special edition were made in 2005.
The Flint gets its dash redone to match the interior panels.