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Typically, less than 3 cylinders, smaller

than 900 cc engine, or less than 4 wheels.

I became interested in microcars years after playing inside a friend’s brother’s BMW Isetta as a kid.  The car seemed so much fun to a kid, especially thinking that I could drive such a small car.  Later on, as an “older kid”, I found out that there was a “bubblecar” club in the US, which I joined. I purchased a 1959 BMW 600 “limousine” from NY State, and restored it. Later I bought a ‘59 Isetta (pictured above in red), and restored that too.The ultimate was finding a rare 1956 Messerschmitt KR200 convertible from NC.

Bubblecars in Canada

Through the club roster in the US, I realized that there were a fair amount of microcar owners around Toronto, Canada, and after contacting them, organized the first microcar meet in Canada.  This proved to be a big success; while providing an awareness of the car to the general public, and bringing people in the hobby together. And, of course there are toys included in the microcar collection!!
Messerschmitt... a what?? Through the years the interest has grown.  Our microcars have been featured in various ads and TV shows, including Super Dave, as well as a “driving” show.  My Isetta was also on a billboard around Montreal in the ‘80s for Mike’s Pizza.  Since the car was designed by the famous German warplane manufacturer, Messerschmitt fashioned the interior after the cockpit of an airplane, right down to the steering bar! The passenger even sits directly behind the driver, and there is a little flip-up seat to accommodate a small child or luggage. Driving the Messerschmitt is like no other car on the road. You sit very low. Steering is direct, so you basically only have to "think" your way around a corner. Brakes aren't the greatest, so you have to look out in advance for other drivers and gawkers in order to take best advantage of the cable-operated system!
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BMW 600 "Limousine" from 1958- 1962.
Revell Messerschmitt model customized and altered to be a replica of my real car, by Cliff and Larry Read.
Yes, that's my Isetta in this billboard taken in Montreal just after the major ice storm. Just like a plane's cockpit. My 1959 BMW Isetta 300.  Yes, this model has 4 wheels... British models had only 3. Microcars